Vishu Ashamsakal WhatsApp, SMS, Text Messages, Wishes

Vishu is a Hindu festival celebrated in the Indian state of Kerala with much joy, fanfare, mirth and vigour. It falls on the first day in the Malayalam month of Medam which is usually in the second week of April in the Gregorian calendar.

People celebrating this festival exchange gifts, sweets and greet each other by saying Happy Vishu or Vishu Ashamsakal…!

Vishu 2017 WhatsApp

You can send these latest Vishu Ashamsakal 2017 WhatsApp, SMS, Text Messages and Wishes to all your Malayalam friends and relatives and wish them a Happy New Year !!!

Vishu Ashamsakal 2017 WhatsApp, SMS, Text Messages and Wishes:

Manassil Undavatte Gramathin Vishudhiyum Manavum,
Mamathayaum ithiri konnappoovum.
Vishu Kaniyum,
Vishu kaineetavum,
Kali chiriyumayi
Oru Vishu koodi
Vishu Dina Asamsakal…!

Meda Maasa Pulariyil
Kani Kannan Maathram Viriyunna
Kanikonna Pookkalude Nanmayumai
Oru Vishu Koodi Varavayi..
Vishu Aasamasakal 2017 …!

Messages are not for time pass.
They silently say that
I am thinking of you right now and also
Making you to think of me at least for a moment……
“Happy Vishu 2017 …!”