Virginia Beach New Year Spectacular Light Show 2020

Just like people in other parts of the world, people of Virginia also celebrate Gregorian New Year on 1st January.

With a fantastic location on the Atlantic coast, and within reasonable driving distance of the huge metropolitan areas of New York, Washington DC and Philadelphia, Virginia Beach is a popular playground for escapees from the big cities, with a holiday and hotel infrastructure to support large numbers of visitors, and a reputation for catering for the finer things in life that only adds to the appeal.

The big event in Virginia Beach for new year’s eve 2020 is the Last Night on the Town party, a free, family-focussed event taking place at the Town Center and at Pembroke Mall. The climax of the event will of course be at midnight, when there will be a spectacular light show (an increasingly popular fireworks substitute) at the Countdown Square Stage.

The event that take place on the new year day are Performances throughout Pembroke Mall by The Magic of Krendl and Company, Children’s Countdown, Dinner Specials at various Town Center and Pembroke Mall, Restaurants and Bars, Carbon Jam LIVE at the fountain plaza, Beer & Wines sales to guests over 21 years of age with proper identification, the VIP Event at The Sandler Center For The Performing Arts, Cheap Thrills at Countdown Square Stage, Gin Blossoms at Countdown Square Stage, Laser Light Show at Countdown Square Stage (Effects by Pyrotecnico Special Effects and Lasers) and Gin Blossoms Encore at Countdown Square Stage

If you are not present there in Virginia Beach during the new year’s time then don’t worry, you can find below Photos & Videos of Virginia Beach New Year 2020 Fireworks Display.

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Virginia Beach New Year Spectacular Light Show

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In Virginia Beach you can watch New Year Fireworks 2020 LIVE on News channel, etc.

From March to October, Virginia Beach falls in GMT/UTC -05:30 hour timezone so it welcomes the New Year nineteen hours thirty minutes after the New Year strikes first at Kiritimati, Kiribati which falls in GMT +14 timezone.

To watch Virginia Beach New Year Fireworks 2020 LIVE Streaming on internet you will have to adjust your watch accordingly with relation to the timezone of your city.