2020 Vincennes Watermelon Drop and Fireworks

“Watermelon Drop” is the annual celebration on New Year’s Eve held in downtown Vincennes.

This New Year’s Eve Event is similar to the Times Square Ball Drop which takes place on the New Year’s Eve in Manhattan, New York City.

Watermelon Drop on New Year's Eve in Vincennes 2020

In this event, a 18-foot, 500-pound watermelon will rise in the sky and drop twelve Knox County watermelons at the stroke of midnight to mark the New Year 2020.

Apart from this there will be a massive display of fireworks taking place at the Riverfront Pavilion on Second & Busseron Streets.

Just like Times Square Ball Drop massive crowd arrive in downtown Vincennes to witness the Watermelon Drop.

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2020 New Year Watermelon Drop in Vincennes Live Broadcast :

LIVE Broadcast of Watermelon Drop 2020 will be available on WVUT TV and other local TV channels.

2020 New Year Watermelon Drop in Vincennes Live Streaming :

Live Streaming of 2020 New Year Watermelon Drop in Vincennes will be available on –

http://fireworksinindiana.com and http://youtube.com/

The Watermelon Drop will also be broadcast live on –


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