Sushi in Red Shop Drop in Key West on New Year’s Eve 2020

“Sushi in Red Shop Drop” is the annual celebration on New Year’s Eve taking place in Key West in Florida, United States.

Sushi in Red Shop Drop - New Year's Eve in Key West

In this New Years Eve event, Gary Sushi Marion has taken center stage on New Year’s Eve in Key West as she hangs in a giant replica of a women’s Red Shoe over the Duval Street at the Bourbon Street Pub Complex in Key West.

This Red Shoe Drop is a Key West New Year’s Eve tradition and thousands of people gather on the streets to watch the lavishly gowned drag queen Sushi “drop” in her high-heeled chariot at the midnight of New Year’s Eve to ring in the new year.

As soon as she lands, she pops the cork on a ceremonial bottle of champagne upon landing to celebrate the new year.

Thousands of revelers enjoy free live music, entertainment, and good cheer during this New Year’s Eve Party.

Apart from this there will be a massive display of fireworks taking place there.

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