Spanish el Nino New Years Draw : Lotería del Nino 2018

The Spanish Winter Lottery, or more commonly known as the Sorteo Extraordinario de El Niño or just El Niño lottery forms part of the super raffles offered in the Loteria Nacional Extra series. The name itself, “El Niño”, literally means “the small one”.

The Spanish Winter Lottery

There is little doubt that the El Niño lottery has the ability to make its winner fabulously wealthy, with jackpot prizes in the hundreds of millions! The giant prize fund is not the only bait that lures in international lottery players, but also the fantastic odds of 1 in 3 and the fact that it’s possible to win up to eight times on a single ticket.

The El Niño role of sharing the maximum number of prizes between as many players as possible makes it more beneficial. This makes it one of the most generous lotteries in operation today. The El Niño Lottery offers an identical gaming structure to the Summer El Gordo game.

There are numbers between 0 and 99,999 that is a total of 100,000 to choose from thus, encouraging players interest.

Every year on the occasion of New Year, Spanish National Lottery holds Spanish el Nino New Years Draw.

Spanish el Nino New Years Draw 2018 :

Draw date for the Spanish Winter Lottery is January 6, 2018.

Guaranteed Prize Pot – € 700 million