Rasi Phalalu 2016 – Telugu Astrology 2016 – Telugu Horoscope 2016

At the start of new year everyone of us searches for Astrological Predictions for our zodiac sign for the full year to know how the year will go.

In Telugu, Astrological Prediction is known as Rasi Phalalu and it is very popular among Telugu people as it is the most common way of finding your future predictions.

Rasi Phalalu 2016, Telugu Horoscope 2016

Horoscope is called Rasi Phalamulu or Rasi Phalalu in Telugu.

మేషరాశి – Aries – Mesha Rasi Phalalu 2016 :

Aries - Mesha Rasi Phalalu 2016

People in Mesha house needs to be extra cautious and attentive for the coming year specially in the personal front of their life. They might find it difficult to maintain a good balance personal and professional life but they will find more happiness in their daily routines. On the professional front, they can get adequate support from the peers. Health of Arians will be good, only if they keep then selves out of stress. Stress caused due to others can have a worrying effect on your health. Do not launch major purchases in financial sectors. It’s the time to pay off your previous debts and present commitments. There will be constant gains and losses in the coming year but will be more at the earning end. Remember that spending for loved once is also important.

వృషభరాశి – Taurus – Vrushaba Rasi Phalalu 2016 :

Taurus - Vrushaba Rasi Phalalu 2016

People in Vrushaba house might face some emotional problems because of their predominant, therefore don’t not ignore your personal life and do spend time with your loved ones and family members. Also might have muscle problems. But over all it is a sound, happy and prosperous year ahead. Avoid conflicts and misunderstandings in the romantic bond. Lovely and romantic vacation with your partner is waiting for you this year, but business tours have to wait for these people in the year ahead. Pay attention to all your false movements caused by the muscular efforts.

మిథునరాశి – Gemini – Mithuna Rasi Phalalu 2016 :

Gemini - Mithuna Rasi Phalalu 2016

People in Mithuna house this year might be comparative a satisfactory year, only if you move ahead towards all your goals and ambition as you will experience new ideas and innovations. You may have to take some of the important decisions regarding your personal and professional life. If you are in relationship or single, in both cases you will realize the importance of love in your life therefore instead of flirting around focus on just one partner. Always do listen to your heart and then make the decision. Geminis are pron to an accident on road. Middle age people may get into insignificant illness because of hormonal disparity. Your professional life will be smoother. Go for quality over quantity to experience a much successful year.

కర్కాటకరాశి – Cancer – Karkataka Rasi Phalalu 2016 :

Cancer - Karkataka Rasi Phalalu 2016

People in Karkataka house will get success in almost everything in which they will put hand. The coming year will bring in lots of financial gains for the Cancerians. You will pass through all the old ideas refreshing yourself with the new ideas and excitements. This year will advance both your personal and professional life as well. You will become more creative and outspoken which will eventually help you to realize your talents. Cancerians are advised to remain true to their love irrespective of any misunderstanding. People who are in creative fields might face a trying year ahead in the coming year. Can suffer from weak immune system and disorders. If you are going through any unstable position at your work, then soon you will land up to a solid ground.

సింహరాశి – Leo – Simha Rasi Phalalu 2016 :

Leo - Simha Rasi Phalalu 2016

People in Simha house will be full of surprises with growth because of options for you and success is secured. In fact the coming year will be one of the best years in your life so far. Be positive and think optimistically to get desired results. These people who are already in a relationship, discovering properly what both of you want, can give you a prosperous year. Those who are still single, love is in the year for them. As you are creative and genuinely committed to the work, you will get a chance to show your potential this year. There will be hard work and pressure coming your way. But with the help of your positive attitude and favorable luck, you will overcome the obstacles.

కన్యారాశి – Virgo – Kanya Rasi Phalalu 2016 :

Virgo - Kanya Rasi Phalalu 2016

People in Kanya house will feel a comparative relief in the coming year. If you are already in a committed relationship, then the forecast is smooth as there will be no obstacles in your way. If you are in a state of dilemma about your present relationship, then you will soon get the answer. Profession will have a balanced year ahead. Some foreign traveling for work and meetings in the middle of the coming year. Health will remain good and will keep the these people energetic almost throughout the year. You may feel that your energy level is not sufficient and you may also feel that it is much lower than the normal level.

తులారాశి – Libra – Tula Rasi Phalalu 2016 :

Libra - Tula Rasi Phalalu 2016

People in Tula house will feel economically safer an will witness certain changes in their life both professionally and personally. Marriage is high on cards for many eligible. Change in attitude towards tough situations will help these people tackle even the worst of professional problems. There are high chances of career advancement this year. On the health front, these people are expected to be fine in physical health. You are predicted to suffer from some mental tension due to work pressure. Proper diet, exercise regimen and meditation will help you remain fit mentally and physically.

వృశ్చికరాశి – Scorpion – Vruschika Rasi Phalalu 2016 :

Scorpion - Vruschika Rasi Phalalu 2016

People in Vruschika house relationships (any) will be a little bit ups and downs because of your ego, therefore patience is required to overcome all of them. An envious colleague might tarnish the professional image of the Scorpions. Sudden uplift in professional growth due to a job change for the Scorpions. A severe back pain and neck pain can make you suffer for long, so be careful. In short you need to be very much careful about your health. Monetary front is expected to brighten for the Scorpions and allow them then freedom to splurge to their heart’s content.

ధనుస్సురాశి – Sagittarius – Dhannus Rasi Phalalu 2016 :

Sagittarius - Dhannus Rasi Phalalu 2016

People in Dhannus house will be seen in process of getting firmly established professionally and personally. True love is here for you but be careful in selection. Financially field for you is too good this year, will enjoy an unexpected legacy falling on from a distinct relative. There are more gains than losses in the coming year for these people. Returning from a far off place might bring the health of these people in a bad position in the coming year. People here have to be cautious as there are chances of ailments. If you don’t cope up with extra pressure at your workplace, stress will acquire your mind and you will become restless.

మకరరాశి – Capricorn – Makara Rasi Phalalu 2016 :

Capricorn - Makara Rasi Phalalu 2016

People in Makara house need to maintain and keep a hold on your budget to avoid the useless flow of your money for which long term investments can be a good option. Grab all the opportunities properly and to notice the difference in life. Health wise the coming year will be good enough in fact perfectly fine only if they follow a new diet chart which includes better nutrition and a proper exercise such as morning walk to remain fit. In workplace, workload may increase at the end of the year but you have to remain consistent so that you can finish all the responsibilities by the deadline.

కుంభరాశి – Aquarius – Kumba Rasi Phalalu 2016 :

Aquarius - Kumba Rasi Phalalu 2016

People in Kumba house need to maintain regular routine and proper stamina to keep your energy level strong and overcome any challenges,  responsibilities and hindrances. Learn new things, make yourself full of knowledge. Your enormous appeal, natural charm and uniqueness will help you become the center of the attraction of opposite sex. Someone helping at work will come closer personally too in your life. A tough yet rewarding professional year ahead for these people is expected. Financial this year is good enough. Previous investments will help keep the finances well in order for these people in the coming year.

మీనరాశి – Pisces – Meena Rasi Phalalu 2016 :

Pisces - Meena Rasi Phalalu 2016

People in Meena house might not get initial success in proposing someone they love. Be gentle, loyal, truthful, trustworthy and spend quality time with your partner if you are in a committed relationship to make it more stronger. There will be lack of vitamins and minerals in your body, so be careful. Dental problem is indicated for some. These people are advised to take steps with precaution in the coming year wherever money is involved, else they might have to repent later on.