Possum Drop on New Years Eve 2020 in North Carolina & Georgia

“Possum Drop” is the annual celebration on New Year’s Eve wherein a live possum in a clear box is lowered from height at midnight.

The event takes place at two places namely in Brasstown, North Carolina and Tallapoosa, Georgia.

Brasstown Possum Drop 2020 :

Brasstown Possum Drop on New Year's Eve

In Brasstown, North Carolina this event is organised at the Clay’s Corner convenience store by proprietors Clay and Judy Logan where in at midnight on New Year’s Eve, instead of dropping an inanimate object, a plexiglass pyramid containing a live possum was lowered from the roof of the store.

Federal and state animal permits are obtained in advance and the opossum is released afterwards.

The festivities include a contest with local men dressed as women to compete for the title “Miss Possom Queen” as well as bluegrass music, snacks and beverages, and souvenir merchandise.

This new year’s eve event brings thousands of people to Brasstown.

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Tallapoosa Possum Drop 2020 :

Tallapoosa Possum Drop on New Year's Eve

In Tallapoosa, Georgia in this new year’s eve event, at mid-night a stuffed possum named “Spencer” is lowered in a holiday lights covered ball from atop one of the┬ácities oldest buildings.

Apart from that the evening is filled with music, fireworks and fun activities for everyone.

Infact Live Streaming of the event is also available.

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