New Year’s Eve 2020 Sausage Drop in Elmore, Ohio

“Sausage Drop” or Elmore New Year’s Eve Sausage Drop is the annual celebration on New Year’s Eve taking place in Elmore, Ohio.

Captioned as, Meat us in Elmore for the wurst event of the year! Here a giant Sausage is dropped at the Depot Park on New Year’s Eve in downtown Elmore.

Elmore Sausage Drop

Elmore is known for their meat thanks to Tank’s and hence a giant tube of stuffed meat is dropped to mark the celebration of the New Year.

New Year’s Eve “Elmore New Year’s Eve Sausage Drop” Event also features three other events namely – dog costume contest, raw-sausage throwing contest, and the sausage eating contest.

Apart from this there will be a massive display of fireworks taking place there.

Note : If possible we will try and get Live Broadcast / Live Streaming options details of Elmore New Year’s Eve Sausage Drop 2020 on our website. Visit again.