Massachusetts Lottery Super 50/50 Raffle New Year 2016 Draw

Massachusetts Lottery Super 50-50 New Year Raffle

In many countries across the world there is a tradition of buying lottery tickets on occasion of New Year’s Eve and / or New Year’s Day.

In United States, people go in for such lotteries in anticipation of Jackpot Prize especially to welcome the new year. Normally such lotteries have a bigger Jackpot Prize.

For the occasion of New Year 2016, Massachusetts Lottery has once again coome out with a Special Raffle named “Massachusetts Lottery Super 50/50 New Year 2016 Raffle” which is scheduled for drawing on January 1, 2016.

The Grand Prize of this Lottery Draw is not fixed but is variable. it depends on the number of tickets sold. Each ticket costs $10 and the winner of the grand prize takes home 50% of the sales amount.

According to the official website of Massachusetts Lottery – the Currently value of the grand Prize is $412,895. Expect this amount to go up and the draw comes nearer.

Apart from this grand prize, there were 40 bonus prizes of $2000 each.

Massachusetts Lottery Super 50/50 New Year 2016 Raffle Draw & Winning Numbers : 

The winning numbers of the Massachusetts Lottery Super 50/50 New Year 2016 Raffle will be announced on January 1, 2016 on the official website of Massachusetts Lottery –

The Results will also be broadcast on local TV stations in Massachusetts Region.

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