Levy-Dew – A New Year Carol : Song Lyrics, Video, Mp3 Download

“Levy-Dew”, also known as “A New Year Carol” and “Residue”, is a British folk song of Welsh origin traditionally sung in New Year celebrations.

Levy-Dew - A New Year Carol

It is associated with a New Year’s Day custom involving sprinkling people with water newly drawn from a well. The song was set to music by Benjamin Britten in 1934.

The meaning of the words ‘levy-dew’ in the original lyrics of the song is not certainly known. One line of speculation holds that the words represent the Welsh phrase llef y Dduw, “a cry to God”. Others connect it to Middle English levedy, ‘”lady”, or to the French phrase levez à Dieu, “raise to God”, which may in turn refer to the elevation of the Host in Christian liturgy.

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Levy-Dew – A New Year Carol Lyrics :

Here we bring new water from the well so clear,
For to worship God with, this happy New Year.

Sing levy-dew, sing levy-dew, the water and the wine,
The seven bright gold wires and the bugles that do shine.

Sing reign of Fair Maid, with gold upon her toe;
Open you the West Door and turn the Old Year go.

Sing reign of Fair Maid, with gold upon her chin;
Open you the East Door and let the New Year in.

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