Las Vegas New Year Fireworks

The Las Vegas Strip is closed to traffic and transformed into a pedestrian party for thousands of celebrants. With plenty of food, drink and entertainment, including street performers and show girls, there is a wealth of activities to keep revellers occupied until the magnificent midnight pyrotechnics.

If one’s New Year’s Eve isn’t complete without a little clubbing, then one will get a treat in Vegas, where celebrities join the masses at upscale nightclubs. About 40,000 tons of fireworks set alight at midnight.

If you are not present there in Las Vegas the new year’s time then don’t worry, you can find below Photos & Videos of Las Vegas New Year 2016 Fireworks Display.

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In Las Vegas, Nevada, you can watch New Year Fireworks LIVE on local TV Channels like KTNV ABC Channel 13, KVVU, 8 News NOW, News 3 KSNV, KTNV Channel 13, CBS Las Vegas, etc.

Las Vegas, Nevada falls in GMT/UTC – 08:00 hour timezone so it welcomes the New Year twenty two hours after the New Year strikes first at Kiritimati, Kiribati which falls in GMT +14 timezone.

To watch Las Vegas, Nevada New Year Fireworks LIVE Streaming on internet you will have to adjust your watch accordingly with relation to the timezone of your city.

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