Honolulu, Hawaii – Chinese Lunar New Year Celebrations 2020

Chinese New Year is a lunar calendar, which means it falls between mid-January and mid-February.

Chinese New Year is just not celebrated in China, but is also celebrated in other parts of the world, especially where there is a large Chinese Community.

In 2020, Chinese New Year will be celebrated on Saturday, January 25, 2020.

Honolulu Hawaii –-Chinese Lunar New Year Celebrations

One of the most popular beach is the U.S. state of Hawaii in which Honolulu is the state capital and the most populous city and is situated on the island of Oahu, it is known worldwide as a major tourist destination; Honolulu is the main and major gateway to Hawaii and U.S.A. Honolulu is famously being host to a diverse variety of east-west and Pacific culture, cuisine, and traditions.

Honolulu, Hawaii – Chinese Lunar New Year

The various Honolulu Chinatown celebrations usually span a few weeks, chances of finding Chinese culture related Hawaii activities during your vacation to Hawaii are fairly good.

Chinese New Year Festival is usually held on two weekends, Friday and Saturday from approximately 10am to 10pm at the Chinatown Cultural Plaza Center and it features food vendors, craft booths, and entertainment with parades, dance shows, lots of music and last but not the least the beautiful fire work display which is a real blast to experience.