Funny New Year Resolutions

For many people New Year is all about celebration and enjoyment.

funny new years resolutions

Such people often take up Funny New Year Resolutions which they can hardly adhere to for a day or two but then they were made just for fun…

List of Top 10 Funny New Year Resolutions for 2020 :

  • I won’t take bath everyday, my bit to conserve water.
  • I will stop giving excuses to my girlfriend for being late on every date. And, I am not lying this time.
  • Would utilize my precious time by sitting on Facebook ratherĀ sitting idle.
  • I will stop peeping into my boyfriend’s female friends profile on Social Sites.
  • I will change my undergarments everyday.
  • I will stop staring at my gorgeous fitness instructor. So, I will become more focused on my fitness and will spend more time in the gym.
  • I will not stare at other girls, when with my girlfriend, though I am not sure when I’d be alone.
  • If someone would ask me for choosing one between Babes and Bikes. Babes, I sympathize with you.

Wishing all readers Happy New Year 2020 …

Anyways what is your new year resolution for the upcoming year 2020 !!!