Detroit–Windsor New Year Fireworks 2018

Just like people in other parts of the world, people of Windsor also celebrate Gregorian New Year on 1st January.

The Detroit city scape has a number of distinctive features, which help provide a dramatic backdrop to the many midnight fireworks displays that will be launched across the city. One Detroit Center and the Renaissance Center work together to form a distinctive and highly recognizable skyline.

This is one of the largest fireworks displays in North America and is also among the largest displays in the world. Typically around 22 minutes long and usually choreographed to music on the US side. Nearly a million people gather on the Windsor riverfront alone, quite a number for a town of 223,000 people.

If you are not present there in Detroit–Windsor the new year’s time then don’t worry, you can find below Photos & Videos of Detroit–Windsor New Year 2018 Fireworks Display.

Detroit–Windsor New Year Fireworks 2018 Display Photo :

Detroit–Windsor New Year Fireworks

Detroit–Windsor New Year Fireworks 2018 Display Videos :

Detroit–Windsor New Year Fireworks 2018 Display Live Telecast / Streaming :

In Detroit–Windsor , you can watch New Year Fireworks 2018 LIVE on CNN, BBC, CNBC, etc.

From March to October, Detroit–Windsor falls in GMT/UTC – 05:00 hour timezone so it welcomes the New Year ninteen hours after the New Year strikes first at Kiritimati, Kiribati which falls in GMT +14 timezone.

To watch Detroit–Windsor New Year Fireworks 2018 LIVE Streaming on internet you will have to adjust your watch accordingly with relation to the timezone of your city.