Cheti Chand – Sindhi New Year WhatsApp, SMS, Text Messages, Wishes

Cheti Chand is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Jhulelal, who was the saint of Sindhis and Sindhis New Year.

The day of Cheti Chand starts with the worships of Jhulelal. On the day people buy sweets, clothes, light lamps, worshiping utilities and draw colorful rangolis in their homes.

Cheti Chand 2018

In 2018, Cheti Chand will be celebrated on Monday, 19th March 2018.

In today’s high tech atmosphere people also send messages – SMS and WhatsApp messages to friends and family.

Given below are a few Cheti Chand – Sindhi New Year WhatsApp, SMS, Text Messages and WhatsApp Wishes that you can send to all your will wishers.

Cheti Chand – Sindhi New Year 2018 WhatsApp, SMS, Text Messages and Wishes:

Khilo sada khush raho
nandhan khe pyar karo
vadan khan pyar payolal jo din aaye acho
khushyun manayoaayo lal sabhai chavo zulelal.
Happy Cheti Chand 2018 …!

Sindhi aahiyu,
Sindhi galhayu,
sindhiyat ji jyot jagayu,
tabha sabhin khe CHETRI CHANDRA ji lakh lakh wadhayu
Aayo lal Sabai Chao Julelal Dhiraj
Happy Cheti Chand 2018 …!

May the divine power of Jhulelal be helpful to your family and
to your dear ones in this new start of this new .
Happy Cheti Chand 2018.

From the eve of Cheti Chand..
May you shine like a star always,
May you be bright as sun
May you spread light soothing as moonlight
May with the glory of Jhulelal,
You have a wonderful life today and forever .
Happy Cheti Chand 2018