Arkansas Lottery Million Dollar Raffle New Year 2015 :

Arkansas Million Dollar Raffle 2015

In many countries across the world there is a tradition of buying lottery tickets on occasion of New Year’s Eve and / or New Year’s Day.

In United States, people go in for such lotteries in anticipation of Jackpot Prize especially to welcome the new year. Normally such lotteries have a bigger Jackpot Prize, many of those Lottery Games being Million Dollar Raffle / Millionaire Raffles.

For the occasion of New year 2015, Arkansas Lottery has come out with a Special Million Dollar Raffle which is scheduled for drawing on Thursday, January 2, 2015 for its grand prize.

The sale period for tickets is over and the early bird prizes have already being announced.

Arkansas Lottery Million Dollar Raffle Early Bird Winning Numbers :

Coming Soon

Arkansas Lottery Million Dollar Raffle Grand Prize Draw & Winning Numbers :

Arkansas Lottery Million Dollar Raffle 2015 winning numbers for the Grand Prize will be announced on Thursday, January 2, 2015.

After drawing takes place, the winning numbers for the grand prizes will be available on official website of Arkansas Lottery –