Allentown’s New Year’s Eve Bell Drop 2020

“Bell Drop” is the annual celebration on New Year’s Eve taking place in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

The Allentown Bell Drop is New Year’s Eve Event similar to the Times Square Ball Drop taking place in Manhattan, New York City.

Allentown Bell Drop on New Year's Eve

In this event, a giant bell as big as 34-inches and replica of a liberty bell is lowered on the 800 block of Hamilton Street, and this bell drop at midnight will coincide with the chiming of church bells across the city.

The bell is chooses for this new year’s eve event because of Allentown’s historic connection to hiding and protecting the Liberty Bell at Zion’s United Church of Christ during the Revolutionary War.

Thousands of people gather on the streets at the midnight to witness this New Year’s Eve drop at midnight.

Apart from that there is a gala at the Holiday Inn at Ninth and Hamilton.

Apart from this there will be a massive display of fireworks taking place there.

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