About Yugadi – Kannada New Year


Yugadi – “the begainning of the new era or year” is the New Year of the Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh people. This festival is celebrated with great religious passion rituals, devotion and enthusiasm by the people living there on the first day of the Hindu month of Chaitra (March–April).

The houses are white washed and decorative with neem leaves to suit the occasion. Preparations for this special religious occasion of Yugadi start from the beginning of March. Men and women purchase household goods and new dresses for themselves. Exchange of gifts among close family members and friends is a common feature of Yugadi.

On the special festive occasion of Yugadi, local inhabitants pay obeisance to the Supreme Being and ask for peace and prosperity for the coming year.

Yugadi – Kannada New Year 2017 Date :

In 2017, Yugadi – Kannada New Year will be celebrated on Tuesday, 28th March 2017.