4th St. Live New Year Party 2020 in Louisville, Kentucky

Just like people in other parts of the world, people of Kentucky also celebrate Gregorian New Year on 1st January.

Louisville is the largest city in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the state’s only 1st-class city. The big event in Louisville on new year’s eve then is the Fourth Street Live new year party (most commonly abbreviated to 4th St. Live for sheer convenience!) This event, sponsored for 2020 by Bud Light, is a free event that takes place, surprisingly enough at Fourth Street Live!, a vast entertainment and retail complex located on the city’s central 4th Street, in between Liberty Street and the excellently named Muhammad Ali Boulevard.

The event starts at 9pm local time and includes live music, coverage of the ball drop from Times Square in New York on a giant LED screen and come midnight a balloon and confetti drop plus of course the fireworks display. Although the main event is free, you can purchase all access passes that will also get you into the local bars and clubs, including Tengo Sed Cantina, PBR Louisville, The Marquee Bar and the somewhat worrying-sounding Kill Devil Club!

If you are not present there in Louisville, Kentucky during the new year’s time then don’t worry, you can find below Photos & Videos of Louisville, Kentucky New Year 2020 Fireworks Display.

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Louisville, Kentucky New Year Fireworks

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In Louisville, Kentucky you can watch New Year Fireworks 2020 LIVE on News channel, etc.

From March to October, Louisville, Kentucky falls in GMT/UTC -5:00 hour timezone so it welcomes the New Year nineteen hours thirty minutes after the New Year strikes first at Kiritimati, Kiribati which falls in GMT +14 timezone.

To watch Louisville, Kentucky New Year Fireworks 2020 LIVE Streaming on internet you will have to adjust your watch accordingly with relation to the timezone of your city.